Low End Mac

The Proprietor's 2000 through 2003 Low End Mac columns are listed here. An alternate listing can be found here.

October 2003

Microsoft's holding pattern

Winds of change may benefit Apple

September 2003

Rooting for Microsoft?

The Microsoft monopoly and the harm it causes

August 2003

BuyMusic vs. the iTunes Music Store

July 2003

The good, the bad, the stupid of BuyMusic.com

Treading the line: Are Apple's applications helping or hurting?

June 2003

Is the G5 enough to entice switchers?

Apple and Amazon or Apple vs. Amazon?

May 2003

The point of no return?

Where are the doomsayers?

April 2003

Macs cheaper than PCs?

Mac myths and the Apple challenge

March 2003

Apple not on the leading edge of everything; analysts worry

Intel to join Apple in debunking the megahertz myth?

February 2003

Mac users to be test case for legit music downloads

Macs in schools: A personal horror story

January 2003

Waiting for a real speed bump

Who's taking a beating, Apple or Quark?

December 2002

Risk and safety at Macworld

Time to take off the switcher


November 2002

Who are you calling a masochist?

Komando strikes again

October 2002

Microsoft's near slap on the wrist

Bloggers, Macs, and the OS X blues

September 2002

Switchers mean Apple must work harder

Kommando's bias skews iMac evaluation

August 2002

Leaving the past behind

Think smarter? Just the advice Gateway needs

July 2002

Is Apple looking for a smack in the head?

Fear and loathing in Redmond

June 2002

Apple should follow Microsoft's suggestion

Turning the tables, one software company at time

May 2002

Undoing years of Mac evangelism?

XServe and the improved iBooks

April 2002

Left behind, the new computer game

Waiting for the Knockoffs

March 2002

Playing the game of hype

Bring back the Cube

February 2002

Apple's digital hub disadvantage

Apple gaining respect of the press

January 2002

Myth mongering still a popular pastime

Redefining Apple's market

December 2001

Equality isn't enough

November 2001

Meet the digital hub

Time to play hardball

October 2001

The digital hub gets Rolling

Gambling on Apple

Evangelists unite!

September 2001

Processor envy

Reclaiming the MHz lead

August 2001

Boring old software in Paris?

Being ordinary in the computing world

July 2001

The curse of being Apple

StrongARMing Apple quarterly reports?

June 2001

Apple's Airbus, Microsoft's Boeing

1984, round 2

May 2001

The exclusivist Mac

The populist Mac

April 2001

The computer for the best of us

Exploiting Hailstorm

March 2001

All that for $129?

Apple: The green computer?

February 2001

Apple's biggest challenge: overcoming stereotypes

Down the digital lifestyle road

January 2001

Inside the box

The Mac and the restless

December 2000

Back in the toilet

OSX: Take the bitter with the better

Two steps back, one step forward

November 2000

Apple abandoned innovation

October 2000

The growing Microsoft empire

Bring back beige

September 2000

The Mac user's blind spot

No more speed to give

August 2000

Could Eazel kill the Mac?

Be thankful for Apple secrecy

Mac users, the only true computer enthusiasts

Berst misses the boat again

July 2000

Macworld: Looking on with envy

Apple is not your friend

June 2000

Apple + Corel = A software powerhouse?

What Is Apple's long-term strategy?

May 2000

Save $49 000?

Advantages of a small Mac market

Writing for the Web

April 2000

The iMac and hot-swappable expansion bay modules